Quick Answer: What Kind Of A Girl Was Peggy?

What kind of a girl was Peggy Class 10?

Answer: Peggy was the most attractive and intelligent girl.

She was very sentimental.

She couldn’t bear an animal to be hurt and protected small children from bullies, but towards Wanda, she had a different attitude..

What kind of a girl was Maddie?

Maddie was a kind and compassionate American girl. She joined other girls in teasing Wanda. But she really didn’t like teasing others. She wanted to stop Peggy from teasing Wanda.

How did Wanda reply to Peggy’s mocking her?

She would ask, “How many dresses did you say you had hanging up in your closet?” Wanda would answer, “A hundred”. Then Peggy would ask in a teasing but polite manner, “All silk, I bet”. Wanda would reply that they were all silk and of all colours.

What was Maddie’s full name?

MaddelineAnswer: Maddeline is the full name of Maddie’s.

What type of a girl was Peggy?

We understand that Peggy was a kind girl from the guilt that she carried within herself, for making fun of Wanda. She used to tag along with Madelin but deep inside she wanted to put an end to it. It was her fear of losing the friendship with Madeline that compelled her to go on with this behaviour.

What did Wanda lie about?

What lie did Wanda tell Peggy? Answer: Wanda used to tell Peggy that she had a hundred dresses and sixty pairs of shoes. Question 15.

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Why did Wanda have no friends?

Wanda didn’t have any friends because she came to school alone & went home alone. this was because of her poor condition of living.

What shows Peggy was not a cruel girl?

It is from the chapter “The Hundred Dresses”.

What shows that Peggy was not really cruel?

Answer. Answer: peggy was not really that cruel because she saved small children from getting bullied and she cried for hours if she say a animal being treated badly.

Why did Maddie feel guilty about herself?

Answer: Maddie felt guilty of herself because she always supported Peggy for fun. She never stopped Peggy for making fun of Wanda. Later, she was remorseful to see the beautiful dresses gifted by Wanda.

What qualities did Peggy have?

Ans : Peggy was a rich, pretty American girl. She was intelligent, good at studies and scored good marks. She loved fun and enjoyed teasing Wanda because of her faded blue dress. She kept asking her mockingly how many dresses she had.

What kind of girl were Peggy and Maddie?

Answer: Peggy and Maddie were Wanda’s classmates. They belonged to rich families. Peggy was the most popular girl in school.

What kind of girl was Wanda?

Wanda patronski was very polished and immigrant girl came from America . She belongs to a poor family and always wore one blue colour faded dress which did not fit properly on her. she did not have any friends,she sets to live on the boggings height.

Who was Peggy’s closest friend?

MaddieMaddie was Peggy’s best friend. It seemed as if she was in awe of Peggy. She admired her quite a lot as she said that Peggy was the most liked girl in the room and that she drew better than anyone else.

Why does Peggy think it is OK to tease Wanda?

Answer: Peggy think that its okay to tease Wanda because on her question (How mamy dresses u have in ur closet?) Wanda said she had hundred of dresses of different colours with matching sixty pairs of shoes. Peggy is a caring girl, she protects small children from bullies and cries for hours for them.

How was Maddie different from her closest friend Peggy?

Peggy and Maddie were classmates and close friends. Peggy was rich, pretty and the most popular girl in her class. Maddie was poor and wore hand-me-down clothes mostly of Peggy with a little innovation. … Peggy used to enjoy teasing Wanda a Polish girl by asking her about her hundred dresses.

Why did Wanda claim 100 dresses?

No, she did not have a hundred dresses because she was poor and wore the same faded dress to school everyday. … She had an inferiority complex. In order to hide the complex and impress the other girls, she always said that she had a hundred dresses.