Quick Answer: Was Ekwefi Jealous Of Ezinma?

Why does Ezinma cry when Chielo calls her my daughter?

Why does Ezinma cry when Chielo calls her “my daughter”.

Ezinma cries because Chielo’s voice is different and everything seems strange..

Why did the Oracle say that when Ekwefi becomes pregnant again she should sleep with her own people and not in her hut?

“When your wife becomes (having a baby developing inside the body) again,” he said, “let her not sleep in her hut. Let her go and stay with her people. In that way she will get away from her evil torturer and break its evil cycle of birth and death.” Ekwefi did as she was asked.

Why is Ezinma not allowed to eat eggs?

Ekwefi and Ezinma are extremely close because all of Ekwefi’s other children have died; Ekwefi gives Ezinma eggs to eat even though it is not socially acceptable for children to eat eggs, and their egg eating in secret is one of the things that closely bonds them.

How does Okonkwo kill himself?

one of the lords of the clan. This explanation, which Okonkwo presents as evidence of his piety to Ani and the Oracle of the Hills and the Caves, fails to persuade Obierika; the omniscient reporter is not deceived by it either since he reports, ‘Dazed with fear, Okonkwo drew his machete and cut him down.

Who is the leader of Egwugwu?

Evil ForestOkonkwo is dressed as one of these spirits. Evil Forest, the leader of the egwugwu, calls the court to order.

What did Okonkwo often say about Ezinma?

2. Who was Okonkwo’s favorite child, and what did he often say about the child? His favorite child was Ezinma, daughter of Ekwefi. He often said it was a shame she wasn’t a boy.

What did the medicine man do to Ekwefi’s third child when it died?

What did the medicine man do to Ekwefi’s third child when it died? He mutilated the dead child and buried it in the Evil Forest.

What do you think is the moral of the story that Ekwefi tells her daughter Ezinma?

The message or moral in the creation story is to not take advantage over what you are granted. … Ekwefi’s purpose of telling the story was to teach Ezinma the values of selflessness and appreciation.

What secret does Ezinma share with her mother Ekwefi?

Ezinma does not call her mother Nne like other children. She calls her by her name. They share secrets like eating eggs together. Why did Ekwefi stay with her people during her third pregnancy?

Why is Ezinma so special to Ekwefi?

Chapter 9- Why is Ezinma so special to Ekwefi? Because Ezinma is Ekwefi’s only child that has survived past the age of 6. This is Ekwefi’s 10th child. Because of this, they are really close– her daughter is everything to Ekwefi.

What is the decision of the Egwugwu in the case of Uzowulu and his runaway wife?

What is the decision of the egwugwu in the case of Uzowulu and his runaway wife? The decision of the egwugwu in the case of Uzowulu and his runaway wife is if Uzowulu goes to his in-laws with a pot of wine and begs for his wife’s return, she will return with him.

Why did okagbue mutilate the dead child?

A medicine man mutilated the dead body of Ekwefi’s third child to discourage the ogbanje’s return. … A year before the start of the novel, when Ezinma was nine, a medicine man named Okagbue Uyanwa found her iyi-uwa, the small, buried pebble that is the ogbanje’s physical link to the spirit world.

What story does Ekwefi tell Ezinma?

Ekwefi tells Ezinma a story about a greedy, cunning tortoise. All of the birds have been invited to a feast in the sky and Tortoise persuades the birds to lend him feathers to make wings so that he can attend the feast as well.

What did Ekwefi do when Ezinma was taken to see Agbala?

Chielo wanted to take Ezinma to see Agbala. What did Ekwefi do? She followed Chielo and Ezinma to the cave of Agbala.

Why does Chielo take Ezinma?

Chielo comes to Okonkwo’s compound to fetch Ezinma because Agbala, the Oracle, wants to see the girl. Okonkwo pleads with her to come back, saying the child is asleep. Ekwefi wants to go with her daughter but is told coming to Agbala without being summoned would bring about a curse.