Question: Is Luffy Actually Smart?

Who would win Goku or Luffy?

Goku is one of the strongest characters not just in Dragon Ball, but within the entire anime world.

Luffy’s biggest mistake would be to get on the wrong side of Goku.

There isn’t any competition and even if Luffy got over a hundred attempts to beat Goku, he would still be unsuccessful..

What is Luffy’s IQ?

Also he has excellent combat instinct, so he doesn’t need to be a strategist to win. He surrounds himself with people that can do everything he can’t and knows he needs them. That is true 200 IQ.

Is Luffy illiterate?

He can read, but he’s not an avid reader. Which is why he makes a lot of comical language mistakes. He’s probably literate, he wrote “Kitsune” on Foxy’s sail.

Is Nami smarter than Robin?

Nami is clever, cunning and an intelligent young woman of many talents. … In terms of native intelligence, I think Nami wins, but Robin is wiser and more experience by virtue of being about a decade older than most of her crew.

Is Luffy smarter than Goku?

Originally Answered: Who is the smartest (not in battle) out of Goku, Luffy, and Naruto? Unequivocally, Goku is by far the most intelligent of the three. Luffy knows he’s an idiot. Side note, while Luffy is the ‘dumbest’ of them, he is certainly the most wise of the three.

Who is the weakest Straw Hat pirate?

Every Straw Hat Pirate, Ranked According to Strength1 MONKEY D LUFFY. The future ‘King of Pirates’, a leading member of the Worst Generation, Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and, according to “Big News”, the Fifth Emperor of the Sea.2 RORONOA ZORO. … 3 JINBEI. … 4 VINSMOKE SANJI. … 5 NICO ROBIN. … 6 BROOK. … 7 FRANKY. … 8 CHOPPER. … More items…•

Does Luffy get smarter?

Edit: he is very smart with battles but can be so simple headed in almost every other aspect. He has smart moments but he is just a simple guy. In combat Luffy matures a lot, and generally as the story progresses he does begin to get better at seeing situations as they are.

Who is the smartest in one piece?

One Piece: The 10 Smartest Characters, Ranked1 Dr. Vegapunk.2 Vinsmoke Judge. Vinsmoke Judge may be known as perhaps the most despicable villain of the Whole Cake Island Arc, but his great size and brutal legend only hide one of the most profound scientists in One Piece. … 3 Caesar Clown. … 4 Dr. … 5 Dr. … 6 Franky. … 7 Tony Tony Chopper. … 8 Benn Beckman. … More items…•

Is Gol d Roger Garp’s son?

Prior to his death, Roger entrusted his son to none other than Garp, telling him that he trusts the man just as if he were one of his own crew members.

Is Naruto smarter than Goku?

Both of them are very intelligent when it comes to battles and fighting. Naruto became more intelligent as he grew up as one can’t really be a kage with just being a brute. Goku also got more intelligent but that was related to martial arts, energy, etc. So a general comparison would state Naruto more intelligent.

Is Luffy like Goku?

Luffy, too, shares that charming carefree attitude that we loved so much in Goku. He has no regard for how things are “supposed to be,” he simply speaks what’s on his mind and always has it set on his ultimate goal… with a smile on his face. He’s a character you can’t help but love, just like young Son Goku!

Can Luffy beat Nami?

Nami doesn’t have strong enough attacks to beat Luffy and she can only use lures/mirage so any strong attack would be fatal for her since she doesn’t have anything to defend herself.

What is Goku IQ?

Goku’s IQ is probably about 90. Buu’s IQ is probably about 70, 60 at worst. If it was 30 he’d be too stupid to breathe. Bulma’s IQ is probably about 220.

Is Zoro still a straw hat?

Luffy after he is saved from being executed at the Marine Base. He is the crew’s combatant, and one of the two swordsmen of the Straw Hat Pirates, the other being Brook….Roronoa ZoroAffiliationsStraw Hat Pirates (combatant / swordsman)7 more rows

Is usopp a genius?

Usopp is the only one of the crew (barring franky) that has the “genious/bloodline” factor in the story, if you think about it, Usopp is a prodigy sniper, ever since he grabbed that slingshot as a kid he’s been excellent at it.