Question: Is Doable A Formal Word?

What’s another word for feasible?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for feasible, like: available, practicable, fit, attainable, suitable, reasonable, achievable, workable, worthwhile, probable and possible..

What does irascibility mean?

: marked by hot temper and easily provoked anger. Other Words from irascible Synonyms Irascible Has an Angry History Example Sentences Learn More about irascible.

What part of speech is ungrateful?

adjective. unappreciative; not displaying gratitude; not giving due return or recompense for benefits conferred: ungrateful heirs.

What is the antonym of query?

Antonyms of QUERY assurance, certainty, answer, sureness, reply, agreement, credence, trust, belief, conviction, faith, be certain, surety, praise, certitude, confidence, believe.

What does very doable mean?

If something is doable, it can be achieved or performed: This project may be difficult, but I still think it’s doable. Synonyms. achievable.

What does feasible mean?

1 : capable of being done or carried out a feasible plan. 2 : capable of being used or dealt with successfully : suitable. 3 : reasonable, likely gave an explanation that seemed feasible enough.

What is the difference between feasible and possible?

As adjectives the difference between possible and feasible is that possible is (usually|not comparable) able but not certain to happen; not impossible while feasible is that can be done (soplink).

When did doable become a word?

1449In its defense I should mention that “doable” is not a recent coinage. Believe it or not, this adjective has been in use for well over five centuries. The Oxford English Dictionary cites published references that go back to 1449.

What’s another word for manageable?

In this page you can discover 35 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for manageable, like: docile, controllable, compliant, pliant, governable, teachable, tractable, obedient, submissive, yielding and adaptable.

What is another word for not feasible?

What is another word for not feasible?out of the questionimpossibleimpracticableinconceivablenot worth consideringunachievableunattainableunimaginableunthinkableunworkable238 more rows

How do you spell able?

Correct spelling for the English word “doable” is [dˈuːəbə͡l], [dˈuːəbə‍l], [d_ˈuː_ə_b_əl] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Is achievable a word?

If it is achievable, it can be done.

Is doable in the Oxford dictionary?

doable adjective – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at

What’s a word for doable?

What is another word for doable?practicablefeasiblerealizableUSaccomplishablereasonablerealisticobtainablepracticalmanageablesensible220 more rows

Is it Duable or doable?

The definition of doable is something possible or something that can be done. When you are capable of completing a task, this is an example of a task that would be described as doable.

What is a sentence for feasible?

Feasible sentence examples. It is not feasible to monitor such a range of organisms. We are looking for the most feasible scenario. It is not feasible to collect on a regular and consistent basis.

What does feasible mean in business?

If something is ‘feasible,’ it means that we can do it, make it, or achieve it. In other words, it is ‘doable’ and also ‘viable. ‘ A viable business, for example, is one we expect will make a profit every year for a long time.

What does winnable mean?

Possible to win or achievePossible to win or achieve. A winnable election campaign; winnable games.

What is correct infeasible or unfeasible?

“Unfeasible” is in fact the more traditional, being the more popular of the two until “infeasible”, for some reason, leapfrogged it in the late 1970s. Above is the British usage. (Both words have declined in popularity in American usage, but “infeasible” overtook “unfeasible” at roughly the same time in America.)

What is the opposite of feasible?

possible, workable, doable, practicable, achievable. Antonyms: unfeasible, infeasible.

How do you use doable in a sentence?

Doable sentence examplesdoable task. … Is walking to school doable in the long term? … Ask family members to submit their own ideas for fun activities and projects that interest everyone and are doable in just a few hours.More items…

What does it mean if something is not feasible?

If you have enough time, money, or energy to do something, it’s feasible. Something might be feasible at one time and then not feasible at another time. Because of technological advances and competition with the Russians, going to the moon was feasible for the United States in the sixties.