Is OfficeMax And Office Depot The Same Thing?

What stores does Office Depot price match?

Office Depot® and OfficeMax® stores, in the 50 United States and Puerto Rico only, and (“Office Depot”) will gladly match the price on a qualifying item sold in store or online at Staples, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, or and copy and custom printing jobs from FedEx Office or The UPS Store (each ….

Can I use Office Depot gift card online?

Office Depot® OfficeMax® Gift Cards and Reward Cards can be entered as payment on your online order on step 3 (Pay) of the checkout process. … The credit card acts as a secondary payment method that will only be used if the gift/reward card(s) is declined.

Is Staples owned by Office Depot?

On February 4, 2015, Office Depot agreed to be acquired by rival Staples for $6.3 billion. However, on December 7, the Federal Trade Commission voted to block the merger. On May 16, 2016, Office Depot announced that the merger agreement between Staples and Office Depot had been terminated.

Is Office Depot cheaper than Walmart?

At Walmart it cost 82 cents for 150 sheets, college-ruled. At Office Depot, it cost $3.01 — a 73 percent difference between the two stores. ShopSmart found that Walmart and Target had “much better prices overall” than office-supply stores like Staples and Office Depot, which is merging with Office Max.

Can you return OfficeMax to Office Depot?

Office Depot® and OfficeMax® Branded Products Guarantee – Office Depot® Brand and OfficeMax® Brand products (excluding our brand Ink and Toner) may be exchanged or returned for a full refund at any time for any reason.

Who founded Office Depot?

F. Patrick SherThe ODP Corporation/Founders

Can I bring my own paper to Office Depot?

You can go to Office Depot, pick out the paper you want off the shelf, and just hand it to the printing department employee. … You can also take in your own paper to have your files printed on!

What carrier does Office Depot use?

FedExShipping with FedEx is available in all Office Depot & OfficeMax stores.

Why did Office Depot and OfficeMax merger?

–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Office Depot, Inc. and OfficeMax Incorporated today announced the completion of their merger of equals, creating a stronger, more competitive and more efficient global provider of office products, services and solutions.

Can OfficeMax gift cards be used at Office Depot?

The Office Depot® OfficeMax® Gift Card is valid on purchases at Office Depot stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, online or by phone (excluding all gift and prepaid cards). Office Depot reserves the right to limit the number of certificates accepted in one transaction.

Who is cheaper Office Depot or Staples?

That’s not easy to find the clear difference between them. The main difference between Staples and Office Depot lies in the fact that Staples had better revenues and profits, while Office Depot prices tend to be cheaper for everyday items compared to Staples.

Is Office Depot going out of business?

Office Depot Seeing greater potential in business-to-business services, Office Depot has announced it will close 90 locations by 2021. That’s on top of 55 that have gone dark over the last year. The office supplies company also owns OfficeMax, so some of those stores are on the chopping block as well.

Is Office Depot the same as OfficeMax?

Office Depot and OfficeMax are now one company. … The Office Depot merger with OfficeMax has enabled both companies to provide an even better online shopping experience and offer a wider variety of choices for office supplies, school supplies, technology and much more of their home office and office supply needs!

Is Best Buy an office supply store?

Best Buy is not an office supply store, so you would only earn 1 pt/$ using your Chase Ink Card.

Is Fedex or staples cheaper?

Staples is usually by far the cheapest. And ALWAYS the easiest. Kinkos is horrible (at least here).

Are staples still in business?

Staples Inc., the Framingham-based office supplies retailer, is no longer a public company after private equity firm Sycamore Partners said it completed its $6.9 billion acquisition of the company. … Staples has been retooling its business since its failed takeover of rival Office Depot last year.

What company owns OfficeMax?

KmartThe ODP CorporationOfficeMax/Parent organizations

Is OfficeMax cheaper than Office Depot?

Originally Answered: Which office supply store has better prices, Office Max/Office Depot or Staples? Office Depot and Office Max are the same company and therefore pricing is the same. There is no difference between prices. Office Depot and Office Max merged years ago, when Office Depot, Inc.