How Much Do Hotels Charge For Smoking?

How much do hotels charge if you smoke?

A: If you don’t smoke, you shouldn’t have to pay a cleaning fee.

But hotels don’t necessarily see it that way.

As far as they’re concerned, if anyone lit up in the room, and they see evidence of it, then the person who is responsible for the bill should pay the $250 fee.

And that would have been you..

Can a hotel prove you smoke in room?

Proving and collecting are two different challenges. Typically a housekeeper will alert her supervisor, who also will verify that the room has been smoked in. They will then alert someone in management, in the case of a small hotel, the general manager or asst. general manager.

How do you get smoke out of a hotel room?

Add 10 to 15 drops of essential oil to a box of baking soda and shake. … Pour ½ cup of white vinegar into a few hotel cups. … Put several pieces of activated charcoal on a paper towel and set it in the middle of the room. … Spray the room with air freshener. … You can also plug in an electronic air filter or ozone generator.

Can I smoke on my hotel balcony?

And since many hotels ban smoking on balconies and in common areas, smokers sometimes find that there is no comfortable place they can safely light up. … Since proving that a particular guest is responsible for a whiff of smoke can be difficult, hotels will often waive the fee if a guest insists on his or her innocence.

How do hotels get rid of smoke smell?

Ozone purifying units are increasingly being used in hotel and motel rooms to “purify” the air and remove stale odors caused by food and beverages, tobacco smoke, mold, mildew and other elements.

Are all Marriotts smoke free?

Hotel operator Marriott International Inc. has decided to make all of its hotels in the United States and Canada smoke-free starting in September. … Other hotels have been steadily reducing their inventory of smoking rooms in recent years. “It’s probably a precursor of what’s to come,” said Crow.

What happens if you smoke in a hotel?

You won’t be arrested by the police and, possibly, banned for life from that hotel chain as you certainly would with that airline. You’ll just have to pay a few hundred dollars for cleaning the room of the stench of stale tobacco smoke.

Can you smoke on Marriott balcony?

You are not allowed to smoke on balconies, and can be fined for doing so.

Do Marriott hotels allow smoking?

An increasing number of hotels, such as Marriott and Starwood, have made all their U.S. properties 100 percent smoke-free. “But many Days Inn and Quality Inn properties — and many hotels in the South, where there are still many heavy smokers — will generally have smoking rooms available,” said Bradley.

Do Hilton hotels allow smoking?

Two new Hilton brands, Canopy and Tru, will not allow smoking in any of their hotels in the world. Outside of America, there are usually more smoking options, although Europe is also increasingly going smoke-free.