How Many Brands Of Gin Are There In The UK?

How many gins are there?

Key facts from the World Gin Map we counted 5.498 different Gins in the world.

We knew there is a lot, but this is huge.

Most gins are produced in the UK, with 1722 different Gins it’s still the home of gin, despite the massive growth in Spain and the US and it’s origins in the netherlands..

Is Tanqueray gin made by Gordons?

Gordon’s, founded in 1769, is the world’s best-selling international London Dry gin. Expertly distilled, the distinctively refreshing taste comes from the finest juniper and blend of botanicals.

What is the world’s best selling gin?

Ginebra San MiguelIn 2019, Ginebra San Miguel was by far the leading brand of gin worldwide, selling almost 30 million 9 liter cases. Ranking second, Gordon’s sold just under seven million cases of the distilled alcoholic drink.

Is Gin a ladies drink?

As for women drinking gin, despite its bitterness, gin is a fairly light drink and that appeals to most females. Most men prefer to drink something with a bit more body and bite: beer, whisky etc.

Is Gin stronger than vodka?

Vodka is a neutral spirit made from fermentable ingredients such as grain or fruit that’s distilled or treated to make a spirit without character, aroma, taste or color. Gin, on the other hand, is a spirit that is 40 percent ABV or higher, with its main characteristic flavor derived from juniper berries.

What Gin is made in England?

Fishers is an artisan British gin distilled on the Suffolk coast that uses rare botanicals to create a gin as pure and wild as the sea. Hendrick’s Gin has a gloriously peculiar flavour, infused with rose & cucumber in their Scottish distillery.

Why is gin bad for you?

If alcohol relaxes that muscle, as it has a tendency to do, stomach acid is able to “come back up into the esophagus, and that’s reflux.” So, if you drink gin every night, you may worsen acid reflux symptoms. FYI, you might want to avoid carbonated beverages, too, as it’s one of the worst things for acid reflux.

Which country makes the best gin?

The Philippines1) The Philippines This may come as a shock, but the Philippines is the world’s largest gin market, making up around 43% of global sales, and consuming 22 millions cases of gin each year.

Is Gin good for your liver?

5. It can help fight kidney and liver disease. Juniper berries help stop water retention in your body, allowing you to pass more water than any other alcohol. This means that more of the harmful toxins and bacteria which you consume when you drink alcohol are flushed out your system.

Which is better Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire?

Bombay Sapphire tastes of juniper, and the other botanicals make it dry and astringent. Tanqueray is stronger with the juniper, but more full-bodied and smooth.

How many gin distilleries are there in the UK 2020?

166 distilleries are in England, 160 in Scotland, 19 in Wales and 16 in Northern Ireland. Spirit makers expect to see more bottles sold in March in 2019 than ever before along with a range of gin experiences and gin accessories.

This statistic shows a ranking of the leading gin brands in Great Britain from 2014 to 2019, by number of users. In 2019, an estimated 6.04 million people used Gordon’s, an increase of roughly 700 thousand people from 2018. Gordon’s 6 million people was almost twice the value of Bombay Sapphire, which ranked second.

How many gin distilleries are there in London?

24 distilleriesLondon has 24 distilleries, making it the gin capital.

Which is the nicest gin?

The 11 Best Bottles Of Gin You Can Buy At Any Price PointMonkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin. … The Botanist Islay Dry Gin. … Hendrick’s Gin. … Beefeater London Dry Gin. … Roku Japanese Gin. Roku. … Bombay Sapphire® Gin. … Tanqueray London Dry. … Aviation American Gin.More items…•

What is the most expensive gin?

The Most Expensive Gins In The WorldWatenshi, England. … Jam Jar Gin Morus LXIV, England. … Nolet’s Reserve Modern Gin, Holland. … Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut, Germany. … Anty Gin, England. … Forager’s Clogau Reserve Gin, Wales. … Spring Gin Gentleman’s Cut, Belgium. … HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin Limited Release, Isle of Wight.More items…

What is the best supermarket gin?

Best supermarket ginCo-op – Irresistible London Dry Gin. £17.50. View now at Co-op. … Lidl – Hortus Citrus Garden Gin. £15.99. … Sainsbury’s – Orange & Blossom. £16.00. … Morrisons – M Best Gin. £16.00. … Sainsbury’s – Blackfriars Gin. £15.00. … Asda Extra Special – Pink Gin. £16.00. … Tesco – Limehouse Aromatic Gin. £17.00. … M&S – Dry Gin No. 01 Spice.More items…

Who makes the most gin?

Gordon’s During this time, Gordon’s cemented itself as the world’s best-selling gin brand. In 2016, it sold 50 percent more gin than closest rival Bombay Sapphire, at 4.62 million versus 3.05 million, nine-liter cases.

How do I start a gin distillery UK?

How to set up a gin distilleryFind a location and source equipment. … Develop a recipe. … Source the raw materials. … Develop packaging and branding. … Secure a contract bottler. … Promote the brand. … Sell into cocktail bars. … Allow distillery visits.More items…•