hạt sấy sức khỏe

Imported dried fruit seed

Some kinds of imported dried fruit seed Dried seeds and dried fruits are the favourite food of Vietnamese people whose regular consumption is related to the prevention or the management of metabolic conditions like diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. Nowadays, there are various kinds of dried seed in the market. It is actually difficult […]

tỏi nhập khẩu ấn độ

Indian garlic

Indian garlic India is commonly known as a paradise of spices. Moreover, India becomes one of the countries which specializes in exporting many different kinds  of spice all over the world. Garlic is one of the most exported spices in India. The exportation of Indian garlic has currently increased more three times than the same […]

hành tây ấn độ

Indian Onion

Indian Onion    India ranks as the second country in the world which has the greatest cultivation of onion. Onion in India is available through the year with two harvest seasons. The first season starts from the beginning of November to January and the second one is from January to May. Seedling:    The main […]

thịt trâu ấn độ

Indian Buffalo meat

Indian Buffalo meat Nowadays, Viet Lien Minh have imported some frozen products  including Indian meat ( buffalo) with the best quality and reasonable price. We undertake that we will provide customers with high-quality frozen meat. Moreover, we sell our products both wholesale and retail or according to the requests of restaurants and hotels which need […]